Saturday, July 28, 2012

And The World Goes ... WTF Was That?

According to the announcers, over a billion people around the world watched the Olympic opening ceremonies last night.  I would imagine that 999,999,997 of them were looking at their screens and going 'What the F**k?'

Every Olympic games opening ceremony has to outdo the previous one.  The host country's ego, coupled with the host country's organizers' egos, won't let them do something that is straight forward, simple, powerful, and elegant.  No, some doofus artistic bigwig has to brain dump and come up with something that no one except themselves can understand.

I guarantee that the vast, vast majority of folks watching on TV didn't have any idea what all that crap about the history of England was.  A blatant, long advertisement for Britain's disaster of a socialist medical system was completely out of place.  Kid's dream sequences?  A huge segment devoted to idolizing cell phones?  Bond parachuting into the stadium with the Queen was cute, if you know and like James Bond.  It really looked like the Queen was either really pissed, or thoroughly bored when they cut cameras to her during the hours long ego fest.

China set the bar during the 2008 games.  The opening ceremony was stunning, and even if you didn't understand anything being portrayed, it was enjoyable simply because of visual and audibal impact.

London - phooey.  I hope that the organizers of future games take note of this mess, and decide to do something we'll enjoy seeing, something that will be enjoyable to folks other than the few who put it on.

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