Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hate To Say I Told You So, But ...

In this blog back on May 10, I wondered what would happen to the legal definiton of marriage, now that His Highness has come out in favor of same sex marriages.  Well, it didn't take long for the assault to begin ...

California's legislature (any surprise there?) is considering legislation that would redefine the family, allowing the legal definition to include more than two parents.  That's right.  A family unit could have 3 or more parents under the new proposed legal definition.

CA State Senator Mark Leno (D- San Francisco) came up with this.  His stated justification was to provide a stable parent lineage in case of divorce of a child's original parents, or in the very rare occurence where both parents cannot function as legal guardians.  That's a bullshit smokescreen.  These far left wing kooks are hell bent on abolishing the very definition of what a family is, what parents are.  As far as they are concerned, kids should grow up as wards of the State, in communes where they can be indoctrinated more easily.  Sounds a lot like the Soviet Unions, or North Korea, doesn't it?

You might think that this outrage against our society wouldn't see the light of day in California's State House.  WRONG!  It has already passed the CA Senate, and is under consideration in the Assembly.

If this passes, as it appears it will, this means that a child in California could not only have two mothers, or two fathers (both of which are terrible enough for the well being of the child), but could have two mothers and a father ... or four fathers ... or 50 various pot heads living in a commune.  The child doesn't get a choice.  The child can't choose whether they would like to be raised in a normal, legitimate, natural family.

I haven't seen anything on how parents will be defined, how they gain 'parent' status in the eyes of the State.  What kind of perverted bureaucratic mess will that be?  How long before the State steps in and decides that it can be a parent?

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