Tuesday, July 10, 2012

US Army Bails Out On NASCAR

Stewart-Haas Racing has announced that the US Army, a primary sponsor of the #39 car driven by Ryan Newman, will not renew its sponsorship after the 2012 season.  The reason the Army is citing is a reallocation of marketing dollars.


The exposure the Army gets from its NASCAR sponsorship is greater, per dollar, than any of its other marketing ventures.  The goodwill shown by NASCAR and its fans towards the Army, indeed all of the Armed Forces, is tremendous.  There is no other sport in the United States that holds our servicemen and women in such high esteem.

What this is is an appeasement of the Obama Administration and Democrats in general by bigwigs in the Pentagon.  Those on the left hate the NASCAR fan demographic.  They hate the motorsport fan demographic in general, because those fans are for the most part conservative.  Democrat led legislation currently being considered by Congress would prohibit any service from sponsoring any motorsport, period.  It wouldn't surprise me at all to see this money reallocated to inner city basketball leagues, or SEIU run LGBT softball organizations (there are such things!).

There has been no announcement yet as to how this might affect the Army's sponsorship of Tony Schumacher's Top Fuel dragster in NHRA, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if that is pulled as well.

Democrat douchebags ...

Update 7/15 - Although I have not seen an official announcement, several reports this past week indicate that the US Army will continue its sponsorship of Schumacher's NHRA dragster, although they are pulling out of NASCAR completely.  Reports also surfaced that the National Guard is in negotiations with Hendrick Motorsports to extend its sponsorship of Dale Jr. in NASCAR. 

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