Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eric Holder - MIA Again

Eric Holder ought to be on the ground in Wisconsin right now, with an army of DHS agents and investigators.  Not to investigate phantom voter fraud by evil Republicans.  Not to investigate campaign finance law violations.

To investigate death threats made by liberals against Governor Scott Walker.

Phone lines and twitter postings have been running rampant with angry libs begging for someone to kill Walker, or threatening to do it themselves.  Both are serious violations of Federal Law.  However, not a peep from Holder or Obama's DoJ.  Not a whisper from Democrat operatives across the nation denouncing this reprehensible reaction to a lawful election.

Mr. Holder - where the f**k are you?

I guarantee you that if the Democrat had won the election and some right wing idiots had made these threats, Holder and his brown shirts would be all over the news and Wisconsin.  Democrat pundits would be demanding that Mitt Romney denounce these threats, and hint that he was behind them.

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