Friday, June 22, 2012

Liberal = Smartest, Coolest, Most Cultured, Most Tolerant ... Right?

Facebook posted photos of two liberals who attended the Gay Pride Month celebration at the White House.  These were guests invited by Obama.  See the revereance they have for the history of the facility, and the Presidents who have served this country?

Zoe Strauss (below) and Matty Hart (above) ... thank you for giving us all in instructive lesson in how well mannered liberals really are.

By the way, you two, the feeling is mutual ... both of you can go FOAD ...

(Where is our illustrious President?  Surely he will denounce the deplorable actions of these two and publicly distance himself from them?  No??  Really?)

Update - To be totally fair about this, I must report that a White House spokesman came out the day after this became public knowledge, and publicly stated that this behavoir was not appropriate for the setting.  Good for them ...

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Anonymous said...

I will go do a terrible act and then apoligise. That makes every thing right. White House spokesman indeed.

The White House belongs to me. I pay for it and for these two idiots, because I am sure they flew there on Air Force One.