Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Latest Obama Vote Buying Scheme - DREAM LIte

If you read the White House's line about Obama's decree implemeting a portion of the failed DREAM act last Friday, you would think it was a great thing, a wonderful humanitarian effort that no one could be against.  Well, just like the DREAM act itself, the devil is in the fine print - and Obama doesn't want you to see that.

DREAM was an effort by Democrats in Congress.  The headline was that it was going to provide a path to citizenship for the children of undocumented workers, a way for youngsters who had graduated from High School, were going to college, or had served in the military to become American citizens.  Sounds like a noble effort, right?  The problem was that underneath the headline were about a hundred other things, buried in the bill, that provided amnesty for multiple classes of illegals, funding for programs for illegals, new social program funding, and a whole host of other left wing bullshit legislation that couldn't stand on its own, and would never survive an up and down vote.  This was found out, and DREAM was defeated in the Senate (A Democrat controlled Senate, by the way ...).

Obama, in what even the most 'in the tank for Obama' pundits admit is a vote buying ploy, enacted by Presidential decree last Friday the headline part of DREAM.  Children of undocumenteds now have a path to citizenship.  Once again, there are a pile of fine print details they don't want seen in the light of day.

To qualify, an undocumented person must be a child of an undocumented person.  The undocumented person must be 30 years of age or younger.  The undocumented person must have been in this country illegally for a minimum of five years.  The undocumented person must have graduated High School, be attending college, or served in the military.

The key here is 'undocumented'.  How in the hell is the government supposed to document any of this (with the exceptions of college and military service) for someone who is undocumented?  A person can apply forthis, and there is no way for the government to not take them at their word.

This opens the flood gates for anyone who says they are under 31 (and that doesn't have to be verified) to claim that they belong in the program.

The government agency that would be responsible for doing the verification is not funded.  There is no money, no personnel, no method for any of the verification to happen.

Once accepted into the program, each person will receive a 2 year guest worker permit (a green card).  The green cards can be reissued by the government over and over, without the person holding it having to produce any documentation that they are going through the 'real' process to become a citizen. 

The provisions that are supposed to limit and control this program are completely unenforcable - and that is exactly what Obama wants.

In essence, Obama has just declared amnesty for every illegal alien in this country who even remotely looks like they could be 30 years old or younger.

Why did he do this?  For the votes of these persons (very conservatively estimated at more than 800,000), plus a majority of all Latinos in the country. 

In addition, there is absolutely no provision in his declaration that tightens border security at all.  So, we're going to have a huge influx of 20 and 30 something illegals flooding over our borders - Obama has put up the WELCOME sign for all of them, fully expecting each and every one of them to become a loyal Democrat voter.

The stated purpose of DREAM was noble.  The problem with the original legislation and Obama's twisted declaration was that stated purpose was a smoke screen for political shenanigans.  The Democrats are so proud of this they aren't even attempting to hide it.

By the way - the arguments I've heard in the past three days from Constitutional Scholars about Obama's decree have been almost unanimous is stating that Obama did not have the authority to do this.  His decree was an unConstitutional end run around Congress and the will of the majority of the American people.  Problem is, Obama doesn't care, and there is no one who can stop him.

Also, as a curious note - the head of the AFL/CIO has come out strongly in favor of Obama's decree, publicly stating his support.  That is very strange for someone who is supposed to be representing the American Worker.  Each and every person who is let into or allowed to stay in this country who should otherwise not be here is going to take a job away from an 'American Worker'.  You would think that Big Labor would fight any effort to give away hundreds of thousands of jobs, expecially in this economy.  Not so, Big Labor is in Obama's pockets, the actual well being of the worker ba damned.

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