Monday, June 25, 2012

I Wonder How Much Of This Crap Is "Made In The USA"?

I am surprised, but not really, at what a pack of douchebags Obama and his minions are.  Take a look at all the shit he's got for sale in his official campaign on-line store. 

187 seperate items, ranging from the ever popular Trayvon Martin Hoodie (which, by the way is on clearance for 33% off!), to a completely unintelliglbe Biden can coozie.  In between, golfballs, grill spatulas, divot tools (just what every 99%er needs!), cat collars, dog leashes, stemware - a bewilldering flood of crap for you to spend a bunch of money on.

Go take a look.  See how desperate these idiots really are!

The line in the post title is legitimate - How much of this stuff was actually Made in the USA?  Hey Big Labor - shouldn't you be asking if Union labor was used on each and every one of these items?

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