Thursday, June 28, 2012

SCOTUS Screws Us

The Supreme Court's decision on Obamacare is flat insane.  The fact it came down to one person, the supposedly Conservative as a rock Chief Justice, pulling a Benedict Arnold and siding for the left wing kooks, is difficult to comprehend, and impossible to accept.  I would very, very much like to hear his reasoning for his decision.

As I was listening to the pundits this morning as the decision was made public, I was struck by the long term ramifications of this decision.  Yes, Obamacare is a longterm problem, but there is an even more evil, hideous demon lurking below the surface.

The Supreme Court has just told the Federal Government that it can force its citizens to buy whatever the Government says they must, or force its citizens to provide money for anything the federal Government wants.  It doesn't matter how trivial or important that expeiditure of money is, the Government can make each and every one of us provide it.  Whether it is Obamacare, or telling us we have to buy a carton of cigarettes and give them to a homeless person on the corner, it is perfectly fine for the Government to demand it, and our legal responsibility to provide it, and the Government's option to puniish us if we don't comply.

This has become a precedent established by the Supreme Court.  It will remain the cornerstone of Government power from here on in. 

The short term result of this may indeed be positive.  Mitt Romney has just been handed the keys to the White House.  All he has to do is grow a pair, stop being a pansy that is too afraid of offending any of those minority voters (who won't vote for him anyway), and ATTACK.  60-65% of Americans do not want Obamacare, and this decision will light a fire under them to make sure that they realize that the only remaining recourse is to kick the Dems out of Washington and repeal it immediately.  If Romney is lukewarm, or seen not to be a leader, he will have wasted a golden opportunity to drive a stake into the heart of Obama's Administration.

The longterm precedent is an absolute disaster for this country and the idea of personal liberty.

No matter what the short term political result of this is in November, this is a horrible, terribly dark day for the United States of America.

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