Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Unhinged Lunatic Is One Of Obama's Good Buddies

This guy is a freaking Nazi (and I don't use that term lightly at all). Meet David Brock.

Mr. Brock runs Media Matters, an internet website that promotes iself as a media watchdog group. In reality, it is the front for a group of far left wing kooks who use the internet to spread hatred, personal attacks, and lies about anyone who doesn't agree with their view of the path to a Socialist utopia.

Mr. Brock has regular contact with the White House, face to face meetings and weekly conference calls to coordinate strategy. Media Matters is frequently used as a 'source' to validate 'news' reports for the mainstream media. Recently, an employee of MSNBC admitted publicly that almost all of their material for their prime time 'news' and opinion shows is provided by Media Matters.

Mr. Brock is such a looney tune that he employs armed bodyguards to protect him from what he describes as 'right wing sniper squads'. The man is completely off his rocker. His closeness to the Obama Administration and his mush-brained liberal internet followers make him a danger.

The Daily Caller has done a series of investigative reports on this lunatic, his ties to the White House, and blatant personal attacks on anyone who he disagrees with. I suggest a visit to their site to take a look at who Obama considers a valued ally in his fight for Sociaism.

Update - Fox News has obtained legal documents laying out a paymend Mr. Brock made to his former gay live in partner totalling $850,000. The money, according to court documents Brock filed at the time, was a blackmail payment. His 'friend' claimed to have information concerning Media Matters donors, payments, and tax dodging - all information Brock did not want in the hands of the IRS. The fact Brock paid out such a sum of money to keep the information away from the IRS would seem to indicate he's probably guilty of something serious.

No big deal for members of the kook left - just corrupt business as usual.

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