Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sheriff Joe Biden Stops By For A Quick Robbery

Sheriff Joe stopped by the DFW area yesterday. He appeared at a Democrat fundraiser at the Ft. Worth downtown Hilton, where he pulled in a reported $150,000 for Democrat campaign coffers. And then he was off ...

According to news reports, this was the ONLY thing he did on his stop in this area.

Since he did nothing 'official' in his capacity as VP, nothing at all to do with discharing the duties of the office, he (or Democrat officials) are responsible for reimbursing the governments involved for the entire cost of his visit.

The cost of the aircraft that brought him. The cost of his attending staff. The cost of the security details, both Secret Service and local escorts. All of this, according to Federal law, should be reimbursed, because this was a partisan political event that had nothing to do with his duties as VP.

Normally such visits are combined with some stupid little official appearance, like at a school, so that the VP's party can avoid the reimbursement. In fact, it has become so commonplace to do that that I doubt anyone has been tagged with a reimbursement bill for many years. However, in this case Joe couldn't be bothered.

Sheriff Joe or the DNC ought to get a bill for this visit. They won't. The taxpayers will pay several hundred thousand dollars for his visit, which netted the DNC $150K. This is nothing but theft.

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