Friday, February 3, 2012

Jobless Number Shell Game - Updated

January's unemployment numbers are out, and Obama is claiming credit for an incredible decrease of the unemployment rate to 8.3%

According to Obama's Labor Department, about 225,000 jobs were added in January.

Also, slightly less than 800,000 NEW unemployment claims were filed during the month.

People who lost their jobs outnumbered people who found a job by almost 4 to 1 in January.

Yet, the unemployment rate dropped from 8.5 to 8.3. WTF?

WTF is just more lying by Obama. The unemployment rate is going down because he keeps redefining what 'unemployed' means.

According to Obama's numbers, there were 2.5 million fewer people defined as being in the work force in January than there were in December. That's how you get a decrease in the unemployment rate while job loss is still far outpacing job creation. Who are those 2.5 million people, and why are they suddenly not part of the labor force?

If you use the unemployment rate calculation that was in place when Obama took office and applied it to today's statistics, you would have an unemployment rate of well over 10%.

Obama and his cronies are just flat assed lying to us. It will continue. Their target is to get unemployment to 7.8% or lower before September - just in time to create big pre-election headlines. It doesn't matter what they have to do to make it happen. It doesn't matter what the reality of the situation is. They control the numbers, they feed the headlines to their mainstream media supporters (who refuse to question the numbers), and the American public is fed a shit sandwich of lies and deceit for the one and only purpose of getting reelected.


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