Saturday, February 18, 2012

More Federal Fiscal Insanity - Obama's Re-Election Air Force

The United States Air Force has established two new aircraft squadrons to support Obama and his administration's travel needs during the campaign season.

Yes, you read that right.

The 305th and 306th Expeditionary Airlift Squadrons were activated as subordinate units of the 89th Airlift Wing on December 1.

The 305th will operate out of New Castle, DE, with 5 C-130H medium lift transport aircraft. 8 full sets of aircrew, 60 maintenance personnel, and 12 operations personnel are assigned.

The 306th will operate out of Andrews AFB, with 4 C-17 heavy lift transports. 7 sets of aircrew, 60 maintenance personnel, and 10 operations personnel will be assigned.

Operations for the two squadrons are to commence in April, and will run through the election. The aircraft and personnel will be released back to their original units after Nov. 2.

These aircraft and personnel are being made available to the President and his administration IN ADDITION to the normal access to all of the 89th's executive transports and the VC-25 jumbo jets usually used as Air Force One.

I have a question - WTF are these 9 aircraft and over 200 personnel going to be used for? Any place the President goes, the VC-25s already go with him. I'll tell you what I suspect - these additional aircraft will be used to rapidly move all his shit, hangers-on, and campaign contributors from campaign stop to campaign stop.

The aircraft are not available for use by the President's opposition or their party officials.

The people of the United States should be demanding a 'to the penny' accounting of the use of these aircraft and personnel. It is ridiculous in these times of budget cuts and military slashing to waste this incredible amount of money supporting partisan politics.

Full disclosure - this practice is not new. It was done in support of George W during his 2004 Presidential bid. Doesn't make it any more palatable. All of that money is being spent, as well as tying up USAF aircraft and personnel, for partisan political purposes - which is supposed to be illegal. Government expenditures made for a candidate's re-election bid are supposed to be re-imbursed to the government by the candidate or the party.

Update - I have received some nasty feedback about this post, from left wingers who are accusing me of making it up in order to raise false charges against their Dear Leader. Well, for you naysayers out there, here is a link to the official 89AW press release about the formation of these two squadrons. Take that and smoke it in your bong!

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