Friday, February 3, 2012

The Stupidity of the Komen Uproar

The amount of bullshit flying in relation to the Komen Foundation stopping further funding of Planned Parenthood is an instructive lesson in liberal-think.

The Komen Foundation is all about fighting breast cancer in women, isn't it? Everyone who wears a little pink ribbon thinks they are battling this disease. Everyone and every entity that donates to Komen thinks their dollars are going towards defeating this killer. Right?

How many of those folks and corporations have been surprised to find that a good deal of the money they have been giving has been diverted for other purposes? Specifically, a large amount has been given away to Planned Parenthood, a controversial organization that supports 'women's health matters'. Planned Parenthood, currently under Congressional investigation for misuse of taxpayer funds.

Planned Parenthood, deserved or not, is the face of abortion in this country. Its primary purpose is to provide no questions asked abortions to any woman or child who wants one, for any reason. It does so under the guise of 'reproductive health', or 'reproductive rights'. They apparently provide some other health services, but those are overshadowed by their hard liberal stance on abortion.

Folks who donate to Komen have a right to have their money go towards Komen's stated purpose - fighting breast cancer. From news reports, it has been a shock to many folks to find their Komen donations have been diverted to an organization they believe engages in wholesale killing of unborn children. Private donations to Komen have soared since this news broke, donations from people who are very happy that their dollars are no longer going to be, in their opinion, used for purposes they are fundamentally opposed to.

I have read that Komen's grants to Planned Parenthood were to cover breast examinations for poor women. I am under no illusions that Komen's money was limited to that purpose. More than likely it was dropped into PP's general operating funds, and used to support all of PPs activities - not just breast screenings. I have no evidence of that, except it is what PP is under investigation by Congress for, and multiple news investigations that found evidence of it.

Bottom line for me is this. No matter what your thoughts on abortion are, if you are giving to Komen you are entitled to KNOW that your money is going to fight breast cancer - and nothing else. If you want to support Planned Parenthood, either to support their overall services or specifically their abortion services, you are free to give them as much money as you want.

The liberal-think lesson in this is that liberals or liberal organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, think they are absolutely right. No opinion other than their own is allowed. And, even folks who disagree with them have to provide the funds they need to further their own agendas. Folks who disagree with them are villified.

Update - Before I could even post this, the cowards at Komen have caved. Their Board of Directors has reveresed itself, saying that they will continue to funnel their contributor's money to the Planned Parenthood abortion factories. They caved in to liberal outrage. They will continue to allow funds contributed to fight breast cancer to be used to provide abortions.

OK. They can do that. However, this is now out in the open. Komen contributors now know what's being done with their money. I venture the opinion that a good number of those donors aren't going to send Komen anymore contributions, because they don't want their money to be used to kill unborn children. Those contributors have that right.

Liberals are going to be howling in the streets over their victory for 'women's rights'. A very worthy charitable cause, Komen's fight against breast cancer, will take a huge hit, because of their stupid decision to give money to PP in the first place, and then caving in to the political pressure and reversing themselves.

Update II - PP President Cecile Richards stated that she is happy the flap with Komen is behind them. "The good news - the wonderful ending to this story - is that Komen and Planned Parenthood are here working together again," she stated at a PP awards luncheon in Dallas.

She is also happy at what she says is an outpouring of financial donations to PP from the general public since the flap occurred.

What she has refused to say, and what Komen officials have refused to say, is how future Komen donations to PP will be used. We keep seeing statements that Komen's donations allow free breast screenings for PP customers. If that is what the money is for, then I have no problem. If the money gets dumped into PP's general operating funds, where a portion of it will be directed towards providing abortion services, then I've got a real problem with that.

People and companies that donate to Komen have a right to know that their funds will be used for Komen's stated purpose - to fight breast cancer. If that money is being used for any other purpose then Komen and PP should publicly state that to its donors.

If the money was being strictly used for breast screenings, you can be sure that both PP and Komen would be loudly and publickly stating that. Since they are silent, and refuse to make that statement, Komen donors can reasonably infer that a portion of their money will be used by PP for other purposes, including providing abortions.

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