Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Appeaser-in-Chief Strikes Again

A little reported gem popped out today in the background, as Leon Panetta tried to convince a very doubtful Congress that Obama's Pentagon budget cuts were appropriate and necessary.

Obama has directed the Pentagon to come up with a plan to cut American's nuclear arsenal by 80%. Yes, 80%.

This is not a cut from Cold War era level stockpiles, but from the current level (which has already been slashed by 40% of the inventory when Obama took office).

There is no deal with Russia or China for corresponding cuts. This is unilateral disarmament. This is Obama throwing our weapons away in the hopes of looking good to his kook fringe base, and our enemies around the world.

The man should be charged with treason.

Update - actual numbers have come out. Under the current nuclear arms treaty with the Soviet Union (according to Putin's wishes) allows us to have 1550 active inventory nuclear weapons. That includes nukes of all shapes and sizes and delivery methods.

Obama's announced target is to get us as low as 300.

A level that low has not been seen since the mid-50s, when we were just figuring out how to build the things in quantity.

There is absolutely no requirement under treaty for China, the Soviet Union, or anyone else to reduce their inventories by even 1.

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