Sunday, August 21, 2011

Maxine Waters - Racist Hate Monger

Maxine Waters (D-CA) is a real piece of work.

Last week, she verbally attacked her savior, President Obama, for not being liberal enough to satisfy the people she cares about - blacks, latinos, and union members.

She also used a 'rally' to voice her opinion of the Tea Party. Notice that a good number of people in the audience are wearing purple SEIU (union) T-Shirts. This little gem was recorded on Aug. 20 at a 'community rally' in Inglewood, CA.

And Democrats have the gall to complain that the Tea Party's complaints about government size and spending are 'hate speech'?

Oh ... a question for Maxine. If you hate white people and conservatives so much, why do you insist on wearing that stupid looking white lady's wig?

Update - Mainstream media coverage of this incident has not exactly covered this up, but neither has it come down on Waters hard. Most talking head pundits on the left try to explain it away as understandable rage against the evil Tea Party and how its radical hatred of all minorities is somehow equal to Nazi Germany. Its like 'yes, she shouldn't have said that, but we understand why she did'.

More double standard. Can you imagine what we would be hearing if a conservative, white Republican stood up in front of a bunch of supporters and yelled "The NAACP can go straight to Hell"?

NOTE: I don't mean this posting to sound racist. It is very difficult to complain about a racist and the injustice of a double standard, without sounding like a racist in the process. I don't care who it is or what they are attacking, speech like this from any elected politician is unacceptable. It just really pisses me off that the left gets away with it, with just a nod and a wink,wink from the media that loves them so much. If a Republican had done something like this, every media outlet in the country except for Fox News would be screaming in outrage for their immediate resignation.

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