Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Congressional Black Caucus - Full of Hate Mongers

The Congressional Black Caucus. Listen to the following clip, in which multiple members are captured at public events spitting out hate speech. The vile crap these people are spewing forth is unbelievable - until you actually hear it. This is like listening to a bunch of Rev. Jeremiah Wrights ...

These are elected officials in the United States Congress. The fact that they can attack folks that they don't agree with using pure hatred amazes me. The fact they tell complete lies to their constituents in order to whip up support amazes me. The fact that mainstream media ignores it, giving them a pass, amazes me.

If I'm not mistaken, all members of the CBC are Democrat. Also, if I'm not mistaken, a Republican African American member of Congress was denied membership in this group, because of his party affiliation. Apparently, if you are a Republican, you can't officially be black.

This is not limited to top tier politics. This kind of rhetoric is rampant in our nation, all the way down to the local municipal level. It is sickening that those whose parents may have been victimized by racism have turned out to be the biggest racists in the country.

Some of what you hear on this clip is definitely hate speech. Some of it directs people to break the law. Both of these are violations of the law, no protected free speech. Why is no one calling these people out? Why is Democrat leadership in Congress completely silent on this? Why are none of them being prosecuted for inciting violence? Ask Eric Holder. Ask Barack Obama. Ask Harry Reid. Ask Nancy Pelosi.

You know, I have never heard anythying even approaching this level of hate coming from anyone who purports to be in the Tea Party. If it had happened, you can be certain that it would be plastered all over mainstream media outlets for days on end.

Obama keeps telling us that the rhetoric in Washington must calm down, that Republicans must stop fighting his efforts and stop speaking against his policies - so that the country can get itself out of the mess its in. Mr. President, may I suggest you direct those words towards those who are a lot closer to you.

Republicans - take these clips, and play them non-stop as part of the 2012 campaign. Show the country what serves as 'Democrat bi-partisanship'.

Update - I stand corrected. There is one Republican member of the CBC, Rep. Alan West (R-FL), one of our Republican Heroes. However, he has threatened to leave it due to these horrific comments made by his fellow members.

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