Monday, August 29, 2011

There Is Someone Stupid Enough To Fall For This?

No comment about Obama or the Democrats in this one ...

From the local bubble-headed bleach blonde (came on at 5, told us with a gleam in her eye ...) comes this gem.

A new scam is targeting unsuspecting (read stupid) people in the DFW area.

A young black man approaches you in the parking lot of a convenience store. He calls you over to the trunk of his dubbed out Chrysler 300. He takes out a Fed-Ex shipping box. He pulls an iPad, completely covered in bubble wrap out of the box for a couple of seconds, and then pushes it back in. He then offers this iPad, one that he 'found', for a couple of hundred.

The iPad is really a piece of plastic, with a border made of black electrical tape, and a printout of an iPad screen taped to the back. The bubblewrap is enough to camoflage the fake for a quick glimpse.

You would like to think that no one is stupid enough to fall for this. However, the news story indicated that police already had upwards of 50 reports of people being ripped off in this manner.


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