Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Men on Football - Rejoice, Football Is Back!

Several cable channels have been showing reruns of 'In Living Color', Keenan Ivory Wayans' comedy sketch program from the early 90s. A lot of it looks juvenile now, but there was some serious comedic insanity turned loose on us back then. Homey the Clown ... if you don't know who that character is, you owe it to yourself to go out and youtube him.

For daughter unit, who had never seen the program and didn't understand it, I present the funniest comedy sketch I believe I have ever seen. Damon Wayans and David Alan Grier starring in "Men on Football", January 1992.

This skit aired during halftime of Superb*wl XXVI, on a competing network. I couldn't believe what I was seeing when it was live.

Welcome back football, it's good to see you again!

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