Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Obama Disrespects Our Military ... Again

The upcoming Memorial Day holiday would be a great time for Obama to pay tribute to our military, and those lost in the service of our country. A ceremony where he lays a wreath in Arlington ... that would be a nice gesture towards our armed service personnel - the people he has insulted and stabbed in the back since he was elected to the Senate.

You would think that the Commander-in-Chief would want to mend some fences with those he commands. If you thought that, you forget who this man is, what he believes, and what he represents.

Instead, Obama and his family will take a vacation day in Chicago. He will use military personnel and assets to get him there, and support him while he is there.

It's not an Earth shattering issue, I know ... just one more slap in the face of America and the folks in its military services.

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