Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do They Not Know How To Read?

Democrats, Liberals, Left Wingers ... they all have come out and savaged the State of Arizona for passing a law that requires enforcement of existing immigration laws. Arizona is full of racists ... Boycott Arizona ... Obama's government has promised to file suit against Arizona to get the law struck down ... all kinds of vile crap is being thrown at Arizona for taking a stand when the Federal Government will not. Heck, even members of the Dallas City Council (minority members) are pushing for the city to adopt a resolution attacking Arizona and enforcing a boycott, preventing the city from doing business with anyone in AZ.

These attacks started even before the law was passed.

The law is only 10 pages long. As far as laws go, it is pretty concise and actually very limited in what it does. Compared to anything coming out of Washington, it is astonishing in its brevity and simplicity.

However, apparently it is too long and too cumbersome for Democrats to understand. The evidence ...

The people yelling the loudest about it haven't even read it.

In the past week, the following people have admitted that they have not read the law, and don't know what it says:

Obama (His Highness Himself)
Robert Gibbs (Obama's Press Secretary)
Janet Napolitano (DHS Secretary)
Rahm Emanual (Obama's Chief of Staff)
Eric Holder (US Attorney General)
PJ Crowley (US State Dept. Spokesman)

All of these folks, and many, many more have made very public statements condeming Arizona, threatening Arizona, and inflaming tensions for political gain.

Know what's funny? It doesn't matter what's in the law. If it didn't come from Obama, they are going to savage it, no matter what. They see it as an opportunity to make political gain - and they jumped all over it.

The Federal Government is totally inept when it comes to border control and immigration enforcement. The fact that they attack, out of ignorance, anyone who actually tries to remedy the situation is disgusting.

Update - if you're interested, here is the entire text of the bill:


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