Sunday, March 14, 2010

US Department of Education Wants Combat Arms

The US Department of Education has issued a request for bid, covering the purchase of 27 Remington 870 short barreled, combat model, 12 ga. shotguns. Yes ... the federal agency that oversees our schools wants weapons that are only used by riot squads, SWAT teams, and the military.

At first glance, isn't this a WTF? At second glance, it is even more of a WTF ...

A lot of Federal Agencies have their own law enforcement divisions. Dept. of Education, IRS, Dept. of Agriculture ... and others ... have their own country wide police forces, that investigate, chase down, and arrest pretty much whoever they feel they have jurisdiction over. As part of these police forces, they have tactical weapons (assault rifles, combat shotguns, teargas, etc.) and tactical assault teams. Who in the hell could the Department of Education be investigating that would require the use of a tactical team and weapons?

Why do all of these agencies have their own police forces? Why are all of them running around with weapons? Who knows how well they are trained, who knows how good their information is? Who oversees them? Isn't this what the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is for?

Besides these obvious questions, there has to be a whole lot of tax dollars being wasted in staffing and equipping these private police forces.

Heck, I don't know ... maybe the DoE is getting ready for all the protests they will be getting when Obama starts Obamacation (His overhaul of this country's education - No Child Left Behind).

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