Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obama's Healthcare Storm Troopers - Coming Soon

There is something that a lot of folks don't know about Obamacare, now law, and would never have learned from the mainstream media. But, they'll find out about it soon enough.

If you do not purchase Federally approved health insurance, or you do not receive approved insurance from your employer, or you do not receive free insurance from the Federal Government (paid for with our tax dollars) the Federal Government will fine you $2000 per year for every year you are not covered.

The IRS is charged with enforcing this and collecting the fines. The IRS will hire over 16,000 new agents (paid for with our tax dollars) strictly for enforcement of the fines. In order for the IRS to do this enforcement, they will have access to your financial records and your health records (once health records are digitized and put in a nationwide database - a subject for another diatribe ....). The fines will be treated as any other debt owed to the IRS - if you don't pay, you will be hounded, your wages may be garnished, and the hell will continue until you pay up, and then you will have to keep paying up. I can only imagine how many audits are going to be triggered in the coming years over this.

Change ... wonderful change ...

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