Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An Open Letter to the US Census Bureau

After receiving a wonderful letter from the Director of the US Census Bureau, Mr. Robert Groves, in my mail box, I want to take this opportunity to reply to him in this open forum.

Dear. Mr. Groves;

Thank you for the kind letter, received by my house. I guess it is for my house, since it is addressed "To Resident At".

The letter is most instructive. My house appreciates being told that a census form will be arriving shortly, also addressed to my house. I appreciate you informing my house in six languages in addition to English. I am confused, though. Since being able to read and write English is a prerequisite to becoming a United States citizen, and you have to be a citizen to be legally counted by the census, why are the additional languages provided? Is this somehow addressing foreign manufactured parts in my house? Very considerate of you.

I am also confused as to why you felt the need to send my house a letter telling it that it will be receiving a letter. In these days of fiscal distress for our country, this does indeed seem to be a waste of taxpayer's money worthy of our current administration. While I am certain that the US Postal Service appreciates the business, I don't believe it is covered by the current stimulus package.

Again, my house appreciates your diligence, and will give your census form all due consideration when it shows up.

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Margot said...

You just said everything that I screamed at my children and the powers that be yesterday when I checked the mail. The cost of a letter telling me the census would be coming for heaven's sake. No wonder this country is bankrupt. They are all idiots!