Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm So Proud Of My Alma Mater

We all know how much football dominates major colleges. Football is the most important thing on campus at the majority of schools, because it brings in so much revenue to the universities. Football players are Gods (in their own minds), far above the common student. Rules don't apply to them. Girls should be lined up 6 deep to take care of their every whim. Class ... grades ... what are those? The Head Coach is often the most powerful man at the university - and certainly the highest paid ...

Well, that attitude extends down into the lower college ranks as well.

Here's the story ...

The Semi-Aggies of Texas A&M/Commerce. Actually their mascot is a lion, but I don't know what an Aggie lion is ... Two members of the football team were busted on drug possession charges earlier this year. They got caught with drugs and various other illegal stuff in their dorm rooms. The campus newspaper, The East Texan, ran a front page story detailing the charges and those involved.

The rocket scientists on the football team decided that no one should know about the drug bust, so they went around campus stealing all the copies of the paper they could find. After they were found out, the coach, Guy Morris, was quoted as saying that he was proud of his players for their 'best team building exercise yet'.

The next day, the university president attempted some damage control, stating that the coach was just joking. The coach has issued no clarifying statement, and certainly hasn't apologized.

The arrogance of football jocks and their keeper .... They think they are God's gift to the campus ... their poopie don't stink, in fact the pissant normal students should feel privileged if they get a whiff. Now I know that not every football player is a jerk, not every coach is an egotistical tirant, and not every program is crooked - but this episode certainly reinforces the stereotype, don't you think?

I attended East Texas State University, which later was absorbed into the A&M system and renamed. Even though that was in a different century, you would think I'd be shocked at this. No way ... no surprise at all.

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