Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lethal Weapons

Al Qaeda terrorists are gearing up to use breast implants as weapons to attack aircraft with. Doctors, educated in the colleges and hospitals of England, have returned to their homelands to practice and perfect the procedures. It's simple enough - replace the saline solution used in implants with PETN, a very powerful liquid explosive. A few ounces can cause an explosion large enough to bring down an airliner.

British Intelligence (yes, the folks who give us 007) uncovered the practice while investigating the underwear bomber. Their information indicated several terrorist women have already undergone the procedure. They also uncovered evidence that implants are being inserted into men's ass cheeks.

Unbelievable ... you might remember my post some months ago about the terrorist who killed Saudis with a bomb stuck up his ass. I put forth at that time we would see a tampon grenade before too long. These assholes are smart, inventive, and not constrained by rules.

Below, a spy camera capture of a cleverly disguised female terrorist. Note the blond wig, sunglasses, and 'American' look. She's equipped with enough PETN to sink an aircraft carrier! (Yes, OK, that's a joke ... but the story isn't. Boob bombs are a fact.)

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