Sunday, February 24, 2013

National Gun Registry - Pure Evil Liberalism

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) has come out publicly and stated that Democrat demands for a National Gun Registry is an absolute non-starter for any deal on gun control legislation.

Sen. Coburn - you are a hero!

Democrats want a National Gun Registry.  They hide their enthusiasm for it, for they know that if the general public was made aware of the true reasons they want it, there would be a vicious backlash against them.

A National Gun Registry, according to Dem wishes, would list every legal gun owner in the United States, their personal information, and the type of weapons they own.  Anyone purchasing a gun would automatically be added to the registry. 

Why?  Think about it.  What possible use could a registry be to prevent mass shootings?  The answer is absolutely NONE. 

A National Gun Registry provides Democrats with a base of information to attack gun owners.  Think about it ... Say President Clinton in 2017 decides she wants more money for Obamacare.  What better way (in liberal minds) than to levy a huge tax on every assault weapon owner in the US?  Say she wants to pay for smart tablets and unlimited internet access for all the 'Free Shitters' who make up a big block of Democrat voters?  Well, in the name of the One, Obama, lets tax everyone who owns a pistol.  What's to stop them? 

Say a Democrat controlled Congress and a Democrat President pass legislation that confiscates all assault weapons owned in America?  A registry gives them the addresses of everyone to send their Brown Shirts to knock down doors.  What's to stop them?

If they have the information, they will misuse it.  There is NO valid reason for the government to have this information - it serves NO purpose other than to attack legal gun owners.

Assault weapons, background checks, magazine sizes, mental health - all of which and more are issues valid for discussion in the gun control debate.  A National Gun Registry is NOT valid for the discussion.  We should all recognize this for what it is, and fight it.

Thanks to Senator Coburn for calling this attack on our liberties for what it is.  More Republicans, and Democrats who defend the Second Amendment, ought to be out front and center of this debate pointing this out.  Democrat slimeballs are going to try to pass a registry through, buried deep in the legislation, without discussion - hoping like hell that no one notices.


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