Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chuck Hagel - Secretary of Disaster

I just watched a portion of Chuck Hagel's Initial Greeting address, given to an auditorium full of Pentagon workers on Feb. 27th.  What a joke this man is.  A rambling, disconnected mess that appeared to be putting the audience to sleep.

It is obvious this man is not up to the job.  He has no knowledge of Defense.  His foreign policy experience is pathetic.  His public statements over the years have made it clear he's in the Obama mold - pro-Islamic terrorist, anti-Israel. 

He spent most of his time harping upon his past accomplishments, about how he works across the aisle, how is a Vietnam Vet, how he will not stand for any discrimination, how everyone in the military deserves equal benefits - which is all fine, except that the underlying message is straight from the White House's desk - the Gay agenda will be fully supported in Hagel's Pentagon.

Chuck Hagel was a disaster in his confirmation hearings.  I saw pundits all over the place observe that he was unprepared, couldn't answer basic questions, and was the most unsuitable candidate for a cabinet position that anyone could remember. 

Hagel is in the Pantagon for one reason, and one reason only - he's a lap dog, and will do whatever Obama tells him.  He believes in a weak military, so is the perfect person to help Obama dismantle as much of the defense department as possible.  Make no mistake - one of Obama's goals for the rest of his term is to undercut and marginalize our military.  Remember - to liberals, the military is evil ... unnecessary ... a drain of resources that could be used for social programs ... and a symbol of America's bully status in the world.

Sequestration is not the first shot.  Defense was already in the midst of serious budget cuts - enduring the first year of a 10 year program that was to cut $475 billion.  Now, sequestration has doubled that amount.  Cut the money, put an anti-defense lacky in charge - hello Democrat win column.

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