Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Didn't Buy Tuna Soup ... Dammit!

Those of you who have been with me for a while will recognize that I've ranted about this before.  However, in spite of my efforts, the tuna industry continues this crime against humanity ...

This is a can of tuna.  The brand name is Chicken of the Sea.  The Mermaid, along with Charlie the Tuna, are the two most recognizable national brands of the canned fish in the US.

This is a 12 ounce can I recently opened and then drained the water out of.  In my un-scientific appraisal, what you see indicates approximately 35% of the can's contents was water, and 65% was actual tuna.  To me, that does not constitute a can of tuna, it is tuna soup.

If you look at the contents of one of the popular 'chunky' soups on the market, 65/35 is about the ratio of solids to liquid in those products.  I understand the need to pack the fish with some water for production purposes, but 35%???  We're being robbed!

This is not just a tuna problem.  Substituting liquid for actual product is rampant in the canning industry.  Liquid is cheaper to produce than the actual product.  Here's a can of one of America's favorite staples for decades, Pork and Beans.  After draining the 'juice', about 60% of the can actually contains beans.  15 ounce can, that means I paid for 9 ounces of beans and 6 ounces of juice.  Seems to me that is not quite truth in labeling, is it?

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