Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Please ... Don't Confuse Her With Facts

Meet Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL).  She was elected to the United States Congress to represent the people of Florida's 5th Congressional District.

Here is Ms. Brown at a recent town hall meeting, where she is questioned by a constituent about the Medicare cuts being used to fund Obamacare.  You may have to turn up the volume a bit - the hideous, fake caucasian-woman wig she has propped up on her head kind of deadens her response ...

Sorry, I was unable to get the embed feature to work on this one, it isn't on youtube.  If you want to see it (and you really should if you want a laugh), take this link over to CNSNews.com and watch it there.


Yes, that's right.  She actually says 'Don't confuse me with facts."  At the end of this clip, she tells an outright lie - that no Medicare cuts were made to support Obamacare.  Well, Ms. Brown ... $716 Billion worth of cuts to Medicare, shifted into Obamacare, would beg to differ.

Question - What do you call a liberal Democrat who lies straight through her teeth directly to the people who elected her? 

Answer - A liberal Democrat ...

For those of you who might think that Rep. Brown was just confused, or was having a bad day ... go to youtube and search on her.  You will find that she's been a source of ludicrous statements and racial hatred for a long time!  Prepare to be entertained ...

By The Way ... here is Florida's Fifth District ... an obscene snake that stretches from Jacksonville in the north to Orlando in the south.  You might ask why such an odd shape - simple, the district was drawn to guarantee that a Democrat minority representative would get elected.

One last item, a respectfully submitted suggestion for Rep. Brown  - damn, lady, get a new wig!

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