Sunday, February 10, 2013

So This Is Why Obama Likes Golf So Much ...

Have you ever wondered why Obama spends so much time on the golf course?  114 rounds so far during his presidency.  That's a lot of PTO over 4 years, far more than any 99% gets, that's for sure.  All paid for by the taxpayer, of course.  That's a lot of time on the green for someone who professes to be the best streetballer in the world.

Well, maybe its not the love of the game, or the recognition of the long history of beating little white balls with sticks. 

Here is Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) offering his opinion on what golf is good for.  His reason pretty well falls into line with what Obama believes.  Golf exists to provide money to the Government.
Check the 1:40 mark of this exchange;

Of course, Ellison, Obama, and their far left buddies believe ALL money belongs to the Government, no matter who earns it or how - and Government is the only one qualified to distribute that money in a 'FAIR' way (Obama called it redistribution of wealth).

I can easily imagine Obama sitting in the Oval Office, feet propped up on the historic desk, watching the last round on Sunday afternoon, seeing who he's going to call the IRS on Monday about - to collect His share of the winner's purse.

Oh ... one last point.  Phil's treatment by the press and the PGA was blatantly racist.

Phil Mickelson was skewered not long ago when he made statements in the press concerning how much he was being taxed while living in California, and that he might move out of the state because of it.  He was immediately hammered in the press, and the PGA came down on him like a ton of bricks.  He was forced to retract the statement and apologize the next day, even though what he said was completely based in fact.

Here's the racist component.  Phil is white. 

Tiger Woods moved out of CA a couple of years ago, and he was quite open with the press about why - CA's high tax rates.  Wood's comments were treated as completely understandable by the media, and the PGA didn't stomp on him for an apology at all. 

Tiger is half black (which means he's in the same mold as His Highness, and therefore infallible).

ANYONE wanting to leave the Socialist Commune of California is completely in their right mind.  The state has turned into a looney bin, and is on its way to bankruptcy.  When you lose 63% of your income to Federal and state income taxes (not counting all the sales, usage, and other taxes that CA and local municipalities heap on), you'd be an idiot for not wanting to get out.

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