Monday, January 30, 2012

The NFL Ought To Be Embarrassed

Yesterday's NFL Pro Bowl in Hawaii ought to be the last one the league puts on. What a disgrace. I can't believe the NFL has the audacity to lay a prime time turd like this and call it a football game.

For those few who actually tuned in, this was essentially a half speed friendly scrimmage. They could have been wearing shorts and playing two handed touch and it would have been more exciting. Watching the plays, you see the lines on both sides of the ball essentially stand up and visit with each other for a few seconds after the ball was snapped. Tackling - what's that?

It was so bad, the announcers spent a lot of the game talking about the lack of effort, and how they expected the game to get more realistic as it went on. It didn't.

The AFC won 59-41, but who cares?

The highlight of the game seemed to be the fact that computers had been placed on each sideline so that 'players' could tweet live to all their fans during the game. If I was an advertiser who bought time from the network during this 3 hour 'extravaganza', I would be asking for my money back. If I was one of the few who paid for a ticket to sit in the stands, I'd demand a refund.

All star games typically suck when it comes to the actual game, but this was a new low as far as I am concerned. If the NFL can't find a way to get the players to actually play a game, then there is no reason for them to continue to put this mess on the air.

Update - I read Roger Goodell's comments from the Super Bowel concerning the Pro Bowl embarrassment. He has clearly regonized it for what it was, andcame out and stated to reporters that the 'game' has to be improved, or done away with. Good for him - that's a strong statement for the head of the NFL to make about his own product. He3 said he has already contacted the NFLPA about it (no changes can be made to any game or format without the Player's Union agreeing to it).

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