Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Pasty Faced Teenage Boy Silliness Coming

So, if your wives and daughters haven't had enough Vampire-gasms, or swooned to enough teenage boys pretending to be werewolves, be warned - more is coming.

Warm Bodies is due out on August 10th.

Nicholas Hoult, teen hearthrob, will play the character 'R'.

'R' is a zombie.

'R' falls in love with a human girl after he eats the brain of her boyfriend. The movie is said to depict the couple as they move towards each other, and learn to bridge the forbidden love of Zombie/Human. 'R' even re-learns how to speak.

No word on whether 'R' learns how to brush his teeth prior to snuggling up to his hottie. (Can you imagine his breath, walking aorund eating dead people without regard to oral hygiene?)


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