Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coward-in-Chief Strikes Again

Obama is singlehandedly castrating our military. What our enemies worldwide have been unable to do by force, he has chosen to do by pen. Unilateral disarmament. The ultimate goal of every left wing kook - a country without the means to defend itself and its allies.

Obama has, by himself, decided to redefine what our military is, and what it does.

This kind of morphing process happens occasionally as the shape of the world changes. It has been done after each of our wars. Usually, the cuts have been vicious, far too deep, and have left us in vulnerable positions. This time, though, Obama and his close circle of left wing kooks have made the decisions themselves, and the devastation that will result will dwarf all previous cutbacks.

Watch for the F-35 to be cancelled. Watch for the V-22 program to be halted. Watch for missile defense to be scrapped. Watch for work on new generation aircraft carriers to be halted. Watch for health and other benefits for retirees to be slashed. Watch for the number of people in uniform to be slashed even further than has been previously reported. Watch for incredible number of existing weapons systems to be prematurely retired, with no replacement. Watch for huge numbers of operational units and facilites to be done away with.

Obama can't do this just by himself. Congress controls the purse strings. Even though Obama can propose the cuts in a budget he submits, Congress does not have to accept it. He knows this, and will portray Congress' objections as more Republican obstructionism.

In a couple of related Democrat 'We Surrender' outrages:

Obama Administration officials have confirmed that they have offered to the Taliban in Afghanistan to release all Taliban connected prisoners currently held in Gitmo. This in return for the the Taliban opening an office in Qatar. No matter what the crimes were these terrorists have committed, they will be set free to kill again, just so Obama can claim to the world that he is pursuing peace.

The Washington Times reports that Obama told certain members of Congress last week that he is preparing to share classified US Missile Defense Technology with the Soviets. (Yes - I said Soviets. The two clowns running Russia are committed to resurrecting the Soviet Union.) For what purpose? What is this supposed to do for us?

What it will do is hand all the info needed to defeat our missile defense, a critical technology we have spent billions and billions of dollars on, to our enemies and potential enemies. The Russians are not our allies - we are just coexisting at this point in time. Russian allies ARE China, Iran, North Korea, the Taliban, radical elements in Pakistan. etc. How long will it take them to copy all that info and dispurse it to those countries and more?

Folks, there is no way to define this insanity other than TREASON.

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