Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Occupy "Generic" ... Pathetic

The occupy whatever movement is the most pathetic example of American left wing stupidity in action since the Vietnam War protests. Period. This is just a bunch of nutcases looking for something, anything, to protest and make themselves jackasses over. The whole point is to 'stick it to the man'. What they don't seem to realize is 'the man' is their guy!

A couple of examples, shamelessly stolen from threedonia ... (I'm not taking any credit, just passing them along)

The 'Kill Whitey' guy is a white guy, from the Occupy Albany, NY fruitloop gathering. Someone, please, give him his wish ...

Here's a good one ... Authentic Occupy Wall Street members, explaining to a person who grew up in the Soviet Union why Socialism is soooo much better than Capitalism. This will cause your head to explode. These are the people Obama claims to be standing shoulder to shoulder with (and that's one of the few things he's told us that is NOT a lie) ... Can we get these nice folks some tickets to the worker's paradise of North Korea so they will be happy?

Remember those TV public service spots with the frying egg? This, my friends, is your brain on liberalism!

Update - The country has had just about enough of these bums, kooks, and retards ...

Occupy Wall Street thrown out of their squatters camp because it had become a health hazard because of all the filth and trash. Refugees decide they are going to storm Wall Street itself, to shut down the Financial District. Fewer than 1000 of them show up, they shut down nothing. But, when the NYC Police try to remove them from the area they are trespassing in, they turn violent, and two Police are sent to the hospital with facial injuries.

A Washington DC Occupier has been arrested and charged with attempting to assassinate President Obama! The many is charged with shooting at the White HOUse with an AK-47, striking two windows. This has to be quite a shock to Mr. Obama - after all, he's claimed he's down with the Occupier's struggle,l he admires them, and he is with them.

A San Diego Occupier, using a bullhorn, yesterday called upon his gathering to offer a moment of silence to support their DC brother, who shot at the White HOuse, and then praised the man's actions.

Dallas Occupiers, thrown out of their location by a judge, got arrested on purpose. One of them told reporters they wanted to do it so they'd get on TV.

This 'Occupy' movement is nothing but a thinly disquised reason for all the anarchists, kooks, mentally unstable, drug users, perverts, thieves, and social misfits to camp out together and get on the news. There is no movement - because there is no real 'cause'. You ask 100 of these idiots why they are there, and you will get 99 different answers.

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