Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Republican Field Narrows

OK, so Chris Christie and Sarah Palin have now both announced that they will not seek the Republican nomination for President. That pretty much tells us that the currently announced field is what we have to choose from.

That field has two serious entrants in it, Romney and Perry. Cain remains a popular oddity, and Bachman has fallen off a cliff. The rest of them don't have a prayer, for whatever reason.

Perry has fallen on some hard times, with poor debate performances, and some generated racial bullshit. The man has some baggage that has to be dealt with, and it can be - if his fellow Republicans don't spend their efforts trying to cut him down.

Romney is at his most popular right now, which isn't all that high. He seems to the the candidate that may be left if all the rest self-destruct.

No matter which one pulls this out, there are a couple of things that Republicans MUST abide by. First, lay out your positions and let the voters choose. Stop the hack jobs and dirty attacks against other Republicans. All that does is diminish them, and hurt the GOP's chances in 2012. Second, no matter who wins the nomination, the entire party must rally behind and fully support the nominee. There has to be excitement, there has to be a concentrated effort to send Obama to the unemployment line next year. Obama is set up for a defeat of historic proportions, but in-fighting and complacency will keep our country under his boot for another four years.

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