Monday, March 4, 2013

MRAPs for DHS - Why?

Our illustrious Department of Homeland Security, spurred on by its incredibly effective leader Janet Napalitano, has purchased 2717 MRAP vehicles.

MRAP is a Mine Resistant assault vehicle, developed for use by the US Army in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Quite a few were delivered to the Marines as well.  Thousands were hurriedly built and delivered to those wars, when it became evident that the HUMVEEs the Army was using for troop transportation were deathtraps when targeted by IEDs.  The design of the vehicle is specifically to protect the occupants in the event of an IED or mine explosion underneath or nearby.  I have not seen any statistics, but what I've heard here and there says that the vehicle does this function well.

For some unknown reason, DHS has procured 2717 of these vehicles for use within our borders.  The report I saw indicated that these were Army vehicles, made surplus by the drawdown in the wars.  Each vehicle was refurbished and reequipped for domestic use - at an unreported cost per vehicle (probably in the 6 figure range per vehicle). 

(It is possible that these were new build units, purchased from the manufacturer, but the reports I've seen hint that they are ex-Army refurbs.  The reports don't come out and state this as fact, however.)

Why does civilian law enforcement INSIDE the United States need 2717 of these vehicles?  Why did we need to blow millions (maybe billions?) of our tax dollars on 'refurbing' these?  Why are we going to spend millions more operating and maintaining them? 

What are they going to be used for?

There are a few light armored vehicles assigned to large law enforcement agencies around the country currently.  In a few occasions, they are used in violent situations to protect or rescue officers or civilians.  For the most part, however, they collect dust, cost a bunch of money, and are used for props to show how badass the local Sheriff is. 

These MRAP vehicles will never be used outside of our borders against our enemies.  They will never be used to defend our borders - no one is shooting anti-tank rockets across the border at our agents, and no one (yet) is planting mines on our side of the border trying to blow up agents. 

So, who is the enemy these will be used against?  What threat is DHS addressing by spending our money on these?

Maybe the same enemy DHS is addressing by stocking up on over 1.5 billion pistol rounds?  The same enemy DHS is confronting by attempting to buy up every assault rifle that is being produced and will be produced for years?  The same enemy DHS is cowering by buying hundreds of millions of rounds of .223 rifle ammunition?  Could they be preparing for the civil unrest that IS going to result eventually if Obama's rape of our country doesn't stop?

Great ... Obama's DHS is using our money to arm itself against US!

Oh ... and for the eco-kooks out there - this vehicle gets an awesome 7mpg.  It's empty weight is 19 tons.  How's that for Obama's commitment to green?

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