Monday, October 15, 2012

Will Libya Be Obama's Saviour?

The current scandal involving the Obama Administration and the murder of our Ambassador and three others in Libya seems to be a very big albatross hanging around His Highness' neck.  It may turn out to be something very different ...

Multiple sources are reporting that military assets, including special forces and UAS (drones) are positioned and on alert within range of Libya and the rest of Africa.  Those sources report that they are positioned to strike as soon as the animals that assaulted our people are identified and located.

On the surface, I am glad this is happening.  I want those bastards erased from this Earth.  I am convinced that Obama and his staff truly do want to find and kill the people who did this - as the vast majority of Americans do.  I certainly don't fault them for that.

What I do worry about is whether Obama and his handlers will play political games with this retribution's timing (if it happens) and aftermath.  Will His Highness wait until just the right political moment to pull the trigger?  Will his people know without a doubt they are targeting the right people, or will they shoot whomever happens to be in their sights at the appointed time?  If they do kill someone, will they spike the ball publicly, like He did with bin Laden?

I wouldn't put it past this administration to pull a Clinton and lob some cruise missiles or a few pieces of weaponry dropped from a drone at some 'target' at the optimum political time, whether the target is valid or not.  (Remember Clinton 'wagging the dog' by blowing up the milk plant in Sudan to take the camera lenses away from his problems with Monica?)

We're 3 weeks away from the election.  Look for something to happen about one week before the first Tuesday of November.  Look for it to happen on Monday or Tuesday of prior week, to maximize media exposure for his victory dance.

I hope they get those a*holes.  But, I hope it doesn't get Obama elected to another 4 years.  Wouldn't that be a shit sandwich for America ... a huge scandal for Obama and an example of how poor his foreign policies are could very well keep him in office.

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