Friday, October 12, 2012

Sheriff Joe's New Nickname

After last night's debate performance, Sheriff Joe has earned a new nickname:

Arrogant, Rude, Condescending, Angry White Liberal Joe

The only people who liked his performance last night were the talking idiots at MSNBC, the left wing douche that served as 'moderator', and the far left koolaid drinkers who are thrilled that someone is actually acting like they do.

For the Vice President of the United States to behave in such an out of control way has got me scratching my head and asking, what do foreign dignitaries think when he pulls this shit on them?  Our enemies are laughing their asses off, and praying that Joe and his boss get re-elected.

I heard that Joe referred to his statements as 'fact' over 30 times last night.  I saw the fact checkers skewer that today, proving almost everything he represented as a fact to be either untrue, or an outright lie.  I saw where he interrupted Congressman Ryan (his good friend, according to Joe) 82 times.  Jay Carney, Obama's mouthpiece, spent almost all day retracting and 'clarifying' Joe's debate f***ups.

Ovenight polls reflect that a majority of Americans think that Ryan won the debate, though the numbers were closer than when Romney kicked the crap out of Obama.  A VAST majority of women and young people polled said they were appalled and put off by the Veeps behavior.

What we saw last night was the real Joe Biden.  This bullshit of the last years that has been spread around about him being 'Good 'Ole Joe' is a complete fabrication.  Joe Biden is one of the most partisan, vicious, vindictive old school power politicians in Washington. 

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