Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ms. 99%er, Fighting For The Middle Class

Is there any doubt that these people think they are royalty?  The hypocrisy of this woman standing up and saying she and her husband are fighting for the middle class is just overwhelming.

Note that the majority of trips detailed in this did not include her husband.  None of these trips served ANY official government purpose - the Obamas should have reimbursed the taxpayers for every penney they wasted.

How many people in the middle class get to take 15 all expense paid vacations in 3 years, to exotic spots all over the world, whenever they wish and with however many of their buddies they want?  (These trips in addition to the dozens of 'official' flings all over the world, and the hundred or so campaign appearances she's made this year for her husband - all at taxpayer expense.)

Update - at a fundraiser today (Oct. 17, the day after the third debate), Ms. Obama told her audience that 'We're gonna party hard on Nov. 7'.  Nov. 7 is the day after the election.  I just bet she would throw a hell of a party - 4 more years of fleecing the taxpayers for free vacations, and 4 more years of destroying our country.  That's exactly what I'd expect from them - champagne and caviar for them and their buds, not getting to work and solving our country's problems.  Their time in the White House is just a great big f***ing party for these clowns.

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