Friday, October 19, 2012

Obama Says Unemployment Rate Is 7.8% - Bullshit!!!

Obama is a f***ing liar.  No big surprise there ...

So, unemployment has somehow magically gotten below that magic 8 percent, right before the election.  As I predicted (and to be honest a lot of others as well) early this year, the number came up as 7.8% for September.  Obama and his minions have been crowing about it ever since it came out, saying its proof that his policies are working.

Unless we have Obama colored blinders on, the steady, slow drop of the number over the past months has been an obvious result of doctoring the numbers.  How else can you explain why the unemployment rate goes down when 50 times more people file for NEW unemployment claims per month than report that they have found a job?  Obama's Department of Labor keeps changing the formula that counts the unemployed, dropping millions from the number of people who are figured into the denominator of the equation.  That much has been obvious.

Unfortunately for Obama and his campaign, their efforts to shrink that number to under the magic 8% number for September just weren't going to be enough.  They couldn't find anyone else to drop from the count.  Even though they pushed in tens of thousands of temporary holiday jobs as newly created permanent positions, the number still wasn't going to be below 8%.

So, they pull a fast one.

A very small, ignored footnote on the DoL's jobs report, the report that delivered the targeted 7.8% to Obama just in time for him to crow about it in the debates and elsewhere, was that one state's numbers hadn't been counted. The state, and the reason, weren't disclosed.  Mainstream media ignored this little fact.

Well, today, we find out more.  California, with one of the nation's highest unemployment rates, didn't report its numbers.  When you figure their numbers in, the actual national rate is still considerably above 8%.

The person in California responsible for filing the numbers is an Obama campaign contributor.

This is being completely ignored by the mainstream media, not surprisingly.  Hopefully, enough outlets interested in the truth will get this information out there so that this crime doesn't go unnoticed.

By the way ... if Obama's Department of Labor counted the unemployed using the same formula used when George Bush left office, the reported number would be right at 11.4% ...

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