Monday, August 20, 2012

Obama's Chances Looking Pretty Good

With all the bad things lined up against Obama for his re-election, and all the grand proclamations by Republicans about how they will win in November, the reality is Obama's chances are much better than Romney's. This is due to three things, primarily.

First, the Electoral College chooses our President, not the voters. Almost all of the studies of the electoral map I have seen so far show Obama with a huge lead, very close to the votes he needs to secure reelection. Romney is far behind. The election will come down to 7 toss up states. If Romney wins all 7, he wins the election. If he wins 6 of the 7 he may win the election, depending upon how many electoral votes the lost state has. If Obama wins 1 or 2 of those states, he wins. Romney pretty much has to run the table on states that are in play, while Obama just has to win a small percentage of them.

Second, there is a Libertarian candidate running, Johnson. Libertarian candidates for the most part take Republican votes away from the Republican candidate. If this moron pulls in just 3 percent of the overall vote, that is a 3 point swing in favor of Obama. By submitting 'protest votes' indicating their displeasure with the Republican ticket, Libertarians may very likely return the greatest enemy they've ever had to the White House to continue his path of destruction. Illogical, stupid, but a reality. (If you discount this as a factor, remember 1992. Ross Perot gave us 8 years of Clinton rule)

Third, wishy washy Republicans. I can't tell you how many Republicans I've heard on the radio or seen in print complaining that Romeny isn't conservative enough for them, isn't pro-life enough for them, isn't this, or isn't that enough for them. They're just going to sit home and not vote as a protest statement to the Republican Party. To those folks, I ask - ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR F**KING MINDS?

Every person who takes this path and stays home is, in effect, voting for Obama. Every vote not cast for Romney is one cast for Obama. Period. No one gives a shit about your protest, except for Democrats who are thrilled at your stupidity. By sitting at home because your candidate is not perfect, you are dooming the country to four more years of destruction. ARE YOU INSANE?

I think we are looking at a very real possibility that Obama will be reelected while losing the popular vote by a considerable margin.

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