Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Half Brained, That's All She Ever Was ...

So, I hear that Cher's planning a comeback concert tour.  Yawn ...

The 67ish year old monument to plastic surgery apparently needs some money.  Or, maybe those around her need some money?

I predict that a full 1/3rd of each performance will be devoted to a rambling monologue about how it is all Bush's fault, Republicans want to enslave women, Republicans want to kill all minorities, and how much she admires Obama's schlong ...

I'd like to put Cher up for a test on the hypocrite-meter:

Cher, how much are the concert tickets going to cost your fans?  Are they going to be $2, so everyone can afford them?  Or will they be $150, so that only the rich, 1%er Democrats can come see you?

Cher, will you be donating all of your earnings from this tour to charitable causes?  (Please note, Cher, that Obama and the DNC do not qualify as charitable causes!)

Cher, will you be volunteering to pay that rich 1%er income tax level your Lord Highness is insisting on?

Cher, you won't be putting any of that money into tax sheltered (oh, the horrors) investments, in order to avoid paying your 'fair share', will you?

Yeah ... Hypocrite First Class.

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