Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Obama Will Be Fundraising When Isaac Hits Nawlins

On Wednesday, Aug. 29th, Hurricane Isaac will make landfall over Louisiana.  Manistream media is having a field day touting this as the 7th anniversary of Katrina, the day (actually it was days) on which George W. Bush killed New Orleans.  Liberal media hacks all over TV, radio, and the internet have been slamming Republicans, dredging up the horror of what Bush did, and his racist attack on black voters in Nawlins ...

Some liberal pundits have strongly criticized the GOP for continuiong to have its convention in Tampa in the face of such massive destruction.  They should have cancelled the convention out of deference to the impending thousands of victims ...

Their saviour, His Highness Obama, on the other hand, will be glued to the impending crisis like a hawk, ready to do whatever must be done to save His people.  Obama will be bunkered down, personally directing all local, state, and Federal disaster aid, personally making sure that Nawlins is saved.

Oh ... wait ...

President Obama, instead of being in the White House situation room, closely controlling the disaster response during landfall on Wednesday, will actually be in Charlottesville, VA.  Is this a forward command post, to get him closer to the doom?  Not exactly ...

Obama is campaigining, and hosting a fund raiser for his campaign.

If the levees break, and Nawlins is flooded again, do you think any of the liberal mainstream media is going to complain about what Obama was doing when it happened?  Not a chance in hell.  What they will blame is George W. Bush - guaranteed!

Update - It's now Thursday, Isaac is moving its way up into the valley, and New Orleans is still there - thank goodness.  Louisiana was hit hard by flooding, and about half the state is without power, so the situation is still serious - despite the lack of dead, floating bodies the mainstream media was hoping for. 

Barack Obama has been strangely quiet.  Not a hint of him in Louisiana, not even a flyover of the flooded areas.  For the sake of the people of Louisiana, that's a good thing, but the Bush vs. Obama hypocrisy is staggering.

Update II - Mitt Romney left the GOP convention and went directly to New Orleans to view the problems being encountered firsthand.  Barack Obama is scheduled to visit New Orleans next Monday, a rearrangement of his campaign/fund raiser schedule made only after his handlers found out that Romney was going.

You watch - manistream media, what little they will report of it, will ridicule Romney's visit as a political stunt.  They will applaud Obama for showing compassion with his visit.  The fact that the President will have waited 5 days to visit, while a candidate broke his schedule to get there in only 2 days, will be ignored.  I seriously doubt Chris Matthews will utter one word questioning Obama's absence.

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