Monday, August 6, 2012

Harry Reid Needs To Go

Harry Reid (D-NV), leader of the US Senate, is a corrupt, incompetent, partisan political hack.  He needs to be returned to private life, or at least taken out of power.  (If the Republicans had fielded a decent candidate against him in 2010, he wouldn't be there now.)

Reid's latest controversy is his statements to the press that he's 'heard' that Mitt Romney hadn't paid any taxes in 10 years.  This was a DNC talking point released a couple of weeks ago, for lower ranking Dem hacks to drop into the news.  There is no proof of any such thing.  There doesn't have to be for the low lifes running Obama's campaign to run with it.  They know that the mainstream media will give it coverage, and a bunch of gullible voters might actually believe it.

Reid stated in an impromtu news conference held outside Senate chambers last week that he had 'heard' that Romney hadn't paid taxes.  He then went into the Senate, and during session repeated the accusation.  How low can you go?  To spit out DNC talking points (that he knows are false) into the Congressional Record, while the Senate is in session, is a travesty. 

Reid is a walking foot in mouth gaffe machine, almost (but not quite as bad) as our esteemed VP, Sheriff Joe Biden.  He is also dirty, having been under investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee more than once, and currently under fire for assisting a Chinese solar panel manufacturer in getting federal money - a Chinese company his son is representing.

The most frightening thing about Reid - he's pretty much a typical Democrat. 

This guy needs to go.  Republicans must take control of the Senate in November, and relegate this moron to the sidelines.

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