Friday, September 2, 2011

Ford Being Targeted by Obama's Union Thugs

The UAW has voted overwhelmingly (98% for) to authorize its leadership to strike Ford Motor Company in 12 days.

The UAW's contract with the Big Three auto makers expires at that time. However, part of the bailout agreement for Chrysler and GM prohibit strikes against the Union - which is ironic, since the Union owns most of those companies and would be striking against itself. Instead of strikes, those two companies will go to Federal mediation with the Union. Let's see ... Union vs. company owned by the same Union, mediated by government bought and paid for by the same Union. Wonder how that will turn out ...

Anyway, Ford didn't take any federal bailout. It is the only one of the three to post profits. It is am embarrassment to the Union and the Obama Administration. Therefore, it is a target. The Union goal is to shut the company down, to punish it for its success after shunning their Saviour. There will be no attempt by the Union to reach an agreement with Ford, until the automaker has suffered significant financial hardship. This isn't about a new contract, it is about teaching Ford who the real boss is.

This is what the left in this country thinks of free enterprise. A successful company that doesn't rely upon the government is evil - a target to be punished, if not destroyed.

In related news, the head of the AFL-CIO has announced the formation of the largest political Super PAC in history, specifically to support Obama's reelection bid. Super PACs are sort of legal ways for corporations and unions to funnel huge amounts of money to political candidates while bypassing the campaign finance laws. (Full disclosure - Repulbicans use Super PACs as well. However, none of them will come anywhere close to the size and amount of money as the AFL-CIO's will.) It should come as no surprise that that same head of the AFL-CIO has been a frequent White House guest, having been logged in for official visits more than 60 times since Obama took office. We have no idea how many 'unofficial' meetings took place off the books.

Good Grief. Between the AFL-CIO, UAW, and George Soros' money, how can there be any question as to who owns Obama and the White House?

Update - Whipping up a crowd of union workers before an Obama speech in Detroit on Labor Day, Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa had this to say:

"President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. Let's take these son of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong."

Hoffa was referring to the Tea Party.

Besides the horrible use of English, this is an out in the open threat of violence against Americans. What Jimmy Hoffa is this? 2011? Or back in the 1950s?

By the way - Obama said he was proud of Hoffa after he heard the incindiary remarks.

Update II - Not to be left behind, Sheriff Joe Biden was out trying to whip up the union troops over the Labor Day weekend. In front of an AFL-CIO crowd, he told them that they were the only non-Government entity 'keeping the barbarians from the gate'. Using the word war several times, he did his best to whip up a frenzy.

It is clear that this is a planned, concerted effort, orchestrated by the Obama Administration, the DNC, and union leaders. Its purpose is to incite union membership and get them to vote Democrat next year. They realize that the only chance Obama has to keep his throne is to enlist unions to do the dirty work.

Democrat bigwigs are ducking anyone who asks them for comment on these comments.

This isn't about workers. It isn't about benefits. It isn't about jobs. Well ... it is about one job - Obama's.

Update - Some more union magic happened yesterday in Washington State. About 500 members of a union stormed a harbor facility there, taking security guards hostage, threatening police with baseball bats and driving them off, and then destroying private property. After they were done with their rampage, they left and went back to their union hall, daring anyone to do something about it. No one has been arrested.

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union believed it had the sole right to work at the facility, and was protesting that workers from a rival union were being hired. Not 'scabs' - a different union!

Obama's modern Big Labor at its finest ...

10/5 Update - Well, time to eat crow a little bit. Ford signed a new contract with the UAW. The only things I've heard about it publicly is that Ford promises to update/upgrade some of its plants, and create about 6000 new jobs. I haven't seen any nastiness (at least in public), no coverage of workers on picket lines, no rallies with Union thugs shouting 'Death to Ford'. Could this actually be an example of labor working in a reasonable way to iron out a new contract with management? If so, could it show how reasonable management can be when the Unions act in a civilized manner? I really hope so - it would be quite a change, and a welcome one at that.

Now Ford and OM have their deals, Chrysler is left to go.

Update - Well, I admit to eating some crow on this one. The UAW got deals with all 3 automakers, and not much was said publicly. I didn't see anything about Union members walking the picket line or behaving badly. I think the reason for this is the UAW leadership actually showed some common sense and realized that hitting the companies would have hurt their membership far worse than whatever concessions they might have had to give up for new contracts. No matter what the reason(s), this is a very good result for the US automakers and their employees, and the economy as a whole.

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