Thursday, September 8, 2011

This Isn't a Surprise ...

A Federal Appeals Court ruled today that Virginia has no standing to challenge Obamacare, throwing out the State's two lawsuits. This was completely expected.

Those on the left will crow about this decision, saying it vindicates Obamacare. Those on the right will cry foul, and rightfully so.

The three judge panel that gave the ruling was comprised of two Obama appointees, with the other one a Clinton appointee. They may as well have been blow up dolls with rubber stamps in their hands - anyone who expected a ruling different than this from this panel was smoking something a whole lot stronger than crack.

Right leaning judges and courts are going to rule against Obamacare. Left leaning judges and courts are going to support it. That's just a simple fact - politics trump the law at every stage of our legal system.

This will not be decided until the Supreme Court hears it and rules. Once there, this issue is going to be decided by one man, a judge who waffles around between liberal and conservative stances. No one can realistically predict how this man is going to interpret the issue. 4 conversatives, 4 liberals, and this middleman ...

It is amazing that this incredibly large issue, one that has an effect on every single American and the future of our country, is going to be decided by the whimsy of one man. I kind of doubt that this is what our Founders had in mind ...

9/13 Update - A Pennsylvania based Federal Judge, Christopher Connor, ruled that forcing Americans to buy health insurance or pay a penalty is unConstitutional, invalidating a key part of Obamacare. In addition, any provision of Obamacare that is tied to the individual mandate is also unConstitutional. Judge Connor is a Bush appointee.

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