Friday, September 2, 2011

Smells Kind of Like OJ to Me

The San Diego Caunty Sheriff has ruled that the death of Rebecca Zahau was a suicide.

Really?? Seriously????

Rebecca was found dead at her boyfriend's mansion. Jonah Shacknai owns the 27 room, 12.5 million dollar waterfront property. He makes his millions in pharmaceuticals (legal drugs).

Rebecca died two days after Shaknai's disabled son was injured in a fall at the same mansion. He subsequently died in the hospital a few days later. That death was declared an accident. Rebecca was looking after the boy at the time of that accident.

Rebecca was found hanging, completely naked, from the mansion's balcony. Her feet and wrists had been tied. Somehow, the authorities have deduced that the 32 year old woman stripped, tied her own feet together, placed a noose around her own neck, tied her own hands together, tied a shirt around her neck and stuffed part of it in her mouth, then somehow worked her way over the railing to fall and hang herself.

No suicide note was found. Rebecca had made detailed plans with friends for the next day to visit the son in the hospital and take him some things. No one since interviewed has said she gave any inkling that she was planning to end her own life.

I don't know. I wasn't there. However, it seems to me that there are far easier ways to end it all than what the Sheriff is trying to convince us that Rebecca did. If she killed herself out of grief over the boy's accident, surely a note would have been found. Could it be that the wealth and status of the boyfriend/father/property owner might have been a consideration?

Update - A forensic pathologist is questioning the ruling of suicide, noting that the autopsy showed injuries to the top of the woman's head - injuries that would have happened if she had been hit on top of the head. Nothing about the method of 'suicide' would account for those injuries.

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