Thursday, September 16, 2010

Democrat FUBARs Of The Week

1) Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) overwhelmingly won the Democrat primary for the congressional seat he currently occupies, in spite of being up on multiple ethics and possible criminal charges. Once again, if you are an ethically challenged Democrat, you are a hero to the Democrat Party.

2) Rep. Eddie Johnson (D-TX) also won her primary easily, and is predicted to have an easy victory over her Republican challenger in November. This is spite of revelations she violated Congressional Black Caucus rules and awarded mulitiple scholarshiups to her relatives, even though they were not eligible.

3) Dallas DA Craig Watkins (D) went ballistic in front of the Dallas City Council this week during a meeting discussing large city budget shortfalls. He accused the Council of playing politics, wasting money (ok, what city council doesn't do those things? - ed). He screamed at them, threatened them, and generally made a complete jackass out of himself. He wisely stopped short of calling the Council racist (although you know he wanted to) - because Councilman John Wiley Price (hard core Democrat, African-American race baiter of epic proportions) told him the budget is what it is, and to shut up. All this because Watkins' department was to lose 3 (yes 3) positions that are considered to be redundant. At a time when entire city departments are being wiped out, he thinks he is above it all.

4) Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), in a blatant attempt to buy HIspanic votes in time to help him avoid defeat this coming November, is trying to attach a 'path to citizenship' amendment (targeted for young illegal immigrants to have a path to citizenship) to a defense spending bill. By attaching it, if Republicans vote against the bill, he can try to claim that Republicans are trying to block funding for our troops. Completely irresponsible. No matter what you think of the validity of his amendment, it should stand on its own for debate and a vote, not hidden in some procedural bullshit hoping he can pull a fast one.

5) The entire Democrat/mainstream media contingent of talking heads have been all over their own networks (CNN, MSNBC, The View ...) voicing concern for the well being of the Republican Party given the strong influence the Tea Party is having on it. Anyone who falls for their schtick is just plain blind to what they are doing. Democrats/liberals don't give a rat's ass about the GOP's well being. They are scared to death of what the Tea Party represents, and the fact it has energized Republicans and conservatives around the country. They are doing everything they can to try and drive a wedge into the GOP, to try and stop the momentum it has built up in response to Obama's attack on our country. Ain't gonna work ...

6) Michelle Obama, who according to a new book about France's First Lady, believes that being First Lady of the United States is 'hell'. IF that is true, if she actually said that ... What hell are we putting poor Michelle through? Jetting around the world for multiple vacations with her buds with taxpayers picking up the tab. Huge budget party after party in the White House, spending hundreds of thousands of our dollars entertaining her friends and wannabes. A fascination with lobster and other expensive fare for everyday meals at the White House, including flying the private White House chef along on vacation - all at taxpayer expense. Living high off the taxpayer hog, Queen of the United States ... and that is hell? Michelle, if you hate the job so badly, PLEASE go back to Chicago and stop wasting our money.

7) Robert Gibbs, and the Obamanomics team have to be smoking crack these days. New figures out indicate the number of Americans living at the poverty level is the highest since the War on Poverty was declared by LBJ back in the '60s. 1 in 7 Americans live below the poverty level. Yet, according to Gibbs, Biden, and Obama, this is the summer of recovery, we are well on our way back, all we have to do is more Obamanomics and we'll speed the process up. Well,,, that is correct - speed up our path to complete bankruptcy and failure as a country!

8) Democrat candidate for Tennessee Congressional District 6 Brett Carter, has asked Nancy Pelosi to step down as Speaker of the House, for the good of the Party. He said that if he is elected, he will not vote for Pelosi to retain her position. He may be doing this as an honest statement, or he may be doing it trying to win a tough congressional race in November. In either case, it's great news. However, Brett ... kick her out for the good of the country, not just your Party.

9) President Obama and his minions have decided to take the Bush tax cuts for those who make under $250K per year, and rebrand them as the "Obama tax cuts for the middle class'. So, tax cuts he and many Democrats for years said were responsible for the out of control deficit are now worthy of stealing and calling his own ... Why, you ask? Mid-term elections, and the fact that a whole lot of stupid people out there will fall for it.

10) White House Science Advisor John Holdren has asked the American People to stop using the term Global Warming. Instead, we are to refer to it as Global Climate Disruption. Apparently, Obama and his minions have figured out the public for the most part isn't falling for Global Warming crap. The 'non-specific' term disruption can cover anything and everything, and is seen as a way to keep raising it as an emergency issue without having to defend themselves against their own false claims.

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