Friday, September 24, 2010

Signs Of The Times

1) Former President Jimmy Cartger was hospitalized after coming down with airsickness while on a flight to attend a book signing. Hospitalized ... for airsickness? What the hell is Obamacare going to say about that? Oh, wait ... all of Carter's health costs are paid for by us, the taxpayers. Now, if Carter was a conservative Republican, he would have taken a Tums like the rest of us and saved us several tens of thousands of dollars. But since he is part of the ruling liberal elite, he believes he is entitled to waste as much of the taxpayer's money as he wants to.

2) A recent trip to the local Barnes&Noble was a bit of a shock. The Bestsellers section was dominated by Bill O'Reilly's and David Limbaugh's latest efforts - both slams of Obama. Not a pro-Obama book to be seen in that section. In fact, the only pro-Obama books on display were in the bargain book section, marked down to a fraction of their original cost. Looking at the large piles of them sitting there, there weren't many takers even at bargain prices.

Barnes&Noble, like most mainstream bookstores, is a liberal biased outlet. Ever since I started shopping there, the liberal political books being offered outnumbered the consvervative ones by a wide margin. With the ascendancy of Obama, you couldn't get away from Obama material in that store - whole sections devoted to him, his family, his father, his dog ... Now, not so much. Even though they are liberal, they do have to make a profit - and their isn't much profit in hawking Obama crap these days.

3) The San Francisco Chronicle, long time bastion of far left wing politics, has decided to not endorse anyone for this November's Senate race in California. Barbara Boxer, current holder of the seat, has been the automatic choice for all left wing rags on the Left Coast for many years now. She and Dianne Feinstein have had a guaranteed lock on those two Senate seats. Now, maybe not. Boxer is in a dead heat with Republican Carly Fiorina. The San Fran paper's decision to not endorse Boxer was made because she had not held up far left liberal policies enough for them. I don't care ... anything that helps kick those two out of Washington has to be seen as a good sign ....

4) Chet Edwards (D-TX) has represented the Central Texas area in Congress for a long time. Although a Democrat, he's masqueraded as a conservative, and actually has championed quite a few military and veterans issues over the years. His district includes Ft. Hood, which makes his repeated election to Congress as a Democrat puzzling.

This year, he is running against a strong Republican candidate, Bill Flores. What really makes Edwards a sitting duck is the fact that when Pelosi took over the Speaker's chair, Chet sucked up to her like a calf sucking up to an old cow. Edwards has voted over 96% of the time in favor of any and all legislation brought up by Pelosi/Obama. He was a key in the Obamacare vote, and has become a Pelosi lapdog. Edwards realizes what this means. None of his campaign material or ads identify him as a Democrat. His attack ads against Flores have been looked into and certified false by liberal Austin newspapers.

5) Obama's rats are deserting his sinking ship. His White House staff and advisors can't get away fro him fast enough. Now, I admit that some staff turnover is normal, but this is ridiculous. For his Chief of Staff to leave in order to run for Mayor of Chicago says a lot - Ramh is definitely a power junkie, which position should have more power? Chief of Staff for the President of the United States, or Mayor of one of the most corrupt cities in the United States? (Actually, they're probably pretty much equal ...)

6) Smart Democrats running for relection this November are doing everything they can to distance themselves from Obama, to the point of leaving their area if Obama is visiting. Texas Democrat candidate for Governor Bill White fled during Obama's last visit to the state, to make certain he was not photographed with Obama. Dems in the northeast have brought in Bill Clinton to stump for them - imagine that, they want a former President campaigning for them, but not their chosen current President.

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