Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Superbowl XLV - Discrimination?

Superbowl XLV will be held at Jerry World in Arlington, TX in 347 days. Preparations are well under way. Part of that preparation has me scratching my head.

The NFL has a program it calls Emerging Business Development. It's been around since 1994. It was created to help promote minority and female owned companies' participation in Superbowl activities. This program is holding three workshops in the DFW area, to show small developing companies the rules of the game when it comes to landing contracts related to the Superbowl. OK, that sounds good ...

Except, that the workshops are limited to minority and female owned companies. Companies owned by white males are apparently not welcome. Isn't that discrimination?

Exclusion because of one's sex or race is the very definition of discrimination, isn't it?

If the NFL is concerned about being fair to all, shouldn't the workshops and program itself be open to ALL business owners, regardless of sex or race? Seems to me that would be the definition of fair ...

News coverage of these events has been heavy in the local DFW area - nothing but positive news coverage. I sure would like to see some enterprising investigative white male reporter go to this event and try to register his company - would love to see how the NFL reps react.

Now, I have absolutely nothing against business owners of any race or sex participating in the first North Texas Superbowl. I feel that the best company for the work at the best price should win the contract - regardless of the skin color or plumbing of the owner. Shouldn't these events be open to ALL small business owners?

Here is some official video promoting these events.

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Anonymous said...

It also risks our reputation, I will explain. "Our" meaning the DFW Metroplex and North Texas in general; as the world looks on and participates in the event, the first face they meet might not be that of the best "man" for the job. While we advantage the disadvantaged, we also promote them to a position that will represent all of us. So when Bubba Gump meets the press, the world thinks we are all just like Bubba. I don't have anything against Bubba Gump, but seriously do I want the world to think that is the best we could do here in North Texas?